Dominique - Renard Wedding

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Wedding in Elk Grove, Rev Michael Henry ; catering by Sandra Dee's BBQ in Sacramento

 This is just a brief sampling of a zillion photos taken at the event.

Reception candid pics ...

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Above: Bride's sister and daughters at reception

Above: Bride's niece and nephew

Above: Sacramento Kings practice hoop shots during reception.

Above: Delightful wedding guest relaxes in living room during reception

Above: Bride poses with group of friends, photographed during the reception

Above: Wedding guests Ashell and her fiancee, photographed during the recession


Crystal requests DJ to stop playing so much Hannah Montana

 Weddding guests enjoying catered food from Sandra Dee's BBQ

Jeff Johnson proposes a toast

Bride listens to the speech but is Not Impressed.



Bride's sister proposes a toast

Bride's daughter and friends with the toast


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